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Season 2

Mar 5, 2024
Sana Arif
Triathlete & Ironman | Sports
Feb 18, 2024
Hajeer Nainan
Lawyer & Entrepreneur | Business
Feb 2, 2024
Sergio Borges
Strength and Conditioning Coach | Fitness
Jan 12, 2024
Cleatus Tauro
Sr. Project Manager | Environmental Sustainability
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Join us to uncover the untold stories of diverse guests, ranging from industry leaders to everyday champions, sharing their personal and professional experiences.

Is being a Gym Rat a Choice? 17:03

S2E6 “Is being a gym rat a choice?” with Sergio Borges | Strength & Conditioning Coach

Adapting Darwin’s Theory to work 18:24

S2E5 “Adapting Darwin’s Theory to work” with Cleatus Tauro | Sr Project Manager | Env Sustainability

Difference between Health and Fitness 16:39

S1E4: “The difference between health and fitness” with Denise Trindade Real | Personal Trainer

Logistics Industry Crossover 19:05

S1E3: “Logistics Industry Crossover” with Mayank Sharma | Operations Manager | Logistics & Supply Chain

Work Life Balance 18:52

S1E2: “Work Life Balance” with Lavina Dsouza | Trade Marketing Manager | FMCG | KITCO

Tech is made for Humans 14:23

S1E1: “Tech is made for humans” with Pankaj Khatnani | Chief Technical Officer | Software Industry

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