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🏋️‍♂️ Dive deep into the world of fitness commitment with Strength & Conditioning Coach, Sergio Borges! In this episode we explore the intriguing question: “Is being a gym rat a choice?” Join us for an insightful conversation on the psychology behind fitness dedication and the factors that make hitting the gym a conscious decision.

You started your career off at the age of 16 as a professional football player and now you're in Fitness how would you describe your 25 years of career so far?

Somehow, it’s hard to describe how challenging it has been. I began my career as a professional football player at a young age, starting at 16. I then ventured into the fitness industry in my early 30s. My journey has been a roller coaster, starting in Portugal and now finding myself in Kuwait. Despite the challenges, it has been an amazing experience so far.

Does being a gym rat have to do with the fear of missing out or is it an individual's conscious choice or both?

Um Tricky Question! It’s essential to stay focused and dedicated to the gym all year round. We make it a priority to go every day, and if for some reason we miss a day, we make up for it the next day.

Our routine includes waking up, having breakfast, going about our day, and always making time for the gym. It’s an integral part of our lives, and we’re committed to it. However, it’s important not to be consumed by the fear of missing out.

Everyone should enjoy their own life without feeling like they’re missing out on something.

Dee: That’s such an awesome answer honestly

Skipping the gym is no problem, but for some people, seeing others on social media can motivate them to hit the gym. Being a gym enthusiast is a lifestyle that I embrace. I hope others will also become enthusiasts in the future, as it can be beneficial for them. Whether you are a dedicated enthusiast or someone gradually becoming one, embrace your life and don’t be afraid.

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Which three exercises would you choose to maintain your current physique if you were only able to do mediocre exercises for the rest of your life?

Physically, only three exercises will be very challenging for me, but that’s okay. I’m talking about exercises like triceps kickbacks, you know, or if you can only choose three exercises. Usually, people will say the same thing: squats, push-ups, and if we don’t have a bench for bench press, then pull-ups.

Dee: If, for example, I enjoy these primarily compound exercises, but what if I were to perform them at a mediocre level?

If you want to isolate the exercise and make it very basic, you can do air squats and lay on the floor facing up to do reverse push-ups or air push-ups. [Laughter]

Another option is to do wall push-ups. Even if you only have three basic exercises, such as body weight squats, push-ups, and pull-ups, you can still try to find a tree branch or ask someone to assist with the pull-ups.

Besides jokes, I always emphasize the importance of doing squats, push-ups, and pull-ups, even if they are bodyweight exercises.

Does a person who doesn't work out and doesn't smoke healthier than a person who works out but smokes?

Which one is healthier? They’re both wrong. A person who smokes and works out, he’s doing something.  Even if he’s smoking, but he’s working out, he’s taking care of himself. The other one doesn’t smoke. And what does he do all day if he’s sitting on the couch, eating Doritos, getting fatter? Or you’re talking about a person who doesn’t work out but has an active lifestyle and takes care of his food.

Dee: An active lifestyle can involve activities such as walking.

Perhaps a person with a very active job who pays attention to their diet would be a good example. It’s important not to spend all day sitting on the couch. Recent studies have shown that inactivity can be as harmful as smoking. My advice to people is this: If you smoke, try to engage in some physical activity to reduce the risks associated with heart disease and lung issues. Even if you’re smoking, at least work out your lungs. But if you’re just sitting on your couch eating snacks, it’s equally harmful. You need to take action. If a person takes good care of their diet, eats well, and lives an active life without going to the gym, they are still leading an active lifestyle.

How would you tell how would you tell someone for the 50th time please rerack your weights for the 50th time?

The most challenging exercise I’ve encountered at the gym so far is the bench press. I believe they should offer seminars and certifications specifically for rewriting. It seems impossible to wreck someone when they are in the midst of doing a leg press with six to eight plates. However, if someone is using just two plates on the bench press, it’s acceptable.

Dee: I need to get that printed on a t-shirt


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